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What Are The Key Development In The Yii 2.0 RC ?

Yii 2.0 RC is a high performance module based PHP framework used for developing fresh web applications. Yii is a web developing framework used to build up kinds of web applications with PHP. It is right to develop large range application such as e-commerce, CMS etc.

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Most Important Perfection

At present Yii has two main versions: 1.1 & 2.0 RC. The 1.1 version is now in maintenance mode. Version 2.0 is a revise of Yii and it has adopted the newest technologies and protocols. Version 2.0 represents the recent generation of the framework and will get main growth over the next few years. Some significant changes made in the latest release have been given below.


Lots of security consultants have reviewed Yii code, abandonment important feedback concerning, however the safety of Yii are frequently improved. Some security codes square measure rewritten to supply the simplest encoding and key parts and shield them from temporal arrangement problems. The sooner security helper category has been changed into security application elements. Aside from that, alternative minor changes have wiped out order to boost the safety problems.


Currently Yii has its personal support for read-write splitting and database duplication. Database replication serves to replicate from a master server to a slave server.


You will encounter lots of enhancements connected to exploitation info dealings. Initially, you’re using with a deal in decision back trend. Secondly, few of them are activated for dealings and final, you have got to line the dealings isolation level within the starting of a brand new darlings.

Build Query Circumstances

In order to develop a question, capricious operators are used and Yii can properly quote the name of the column and using parameters you’ll be able to handle the worth.

Benefit Management

It uses the composer asset Plugin to handle the dependencies concerned NPM packages and Power. Attributable to this modification, you simply need to perform the initial installation of the plugin so run the command before you upgrade to the newest version of Yii.

Error Managing

Now you can employ arrays or objects and the default log object will change them into text show automatically.

Enlargement Tools

In the newest version, the program panel has been enclosed in shows the loaded asset bundles and content. Antecedently it provided a web interface, and currently, you simply need to produce a replacement Gii generator which may be employed in console and web modes.

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