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  • Best PHP Training in Jaipur – Red Symbol Technologies

    php training institute in Jaipur

    At Red symbol Technologies we are a one of the well-known PHP company in Jaipur, offering a full training course on PHP as PHP Training in Jaipur , Summer Training in Jaipur or PHP Internship in Jaipur.

    PHP is specialized script programming language made for web development involving multifaceted functionalities for dynamic website applications like online forum discussion, online business portals, e-commerce website, etc., As PHP is an open source programming language, it is very powerful than other web development technologies including ASP and Java. The MYSQL is a database used with PHP– which is also an open source which is an added advantage. PHP’s simple programming style, allows every with basic programming skill to learn and move to endless opportunity available with CMS tools like  Joomla, WordPress and frameworks like CakePHP, Magento and etc.

    At Red Symbol Technologies, we have well adventured trainers from various multinational companies who will guide and provide you a 100% quality assurance training on PHP as well as possible.

    PHP Syllabus:

    • Full PHP Design and Development.
    • Fully Control web Structure.
    • Fully function.
    • Static & Dynamic Array.
    • Live Working with file structure.
    • Working with forms discussion.
    • Working with regular phrase.
    • Modules and Objects.
    • Preface to database.
    • Database logics.
    • Knowledge of Session & Cookies.
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