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10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – II

10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – II


  1. Removing non-essential design elements in favor of simplicity

There is an idea in design that a design is complete when all of the non-essential elements have been removed. In 2015, I believe we could be seeing more of this idea come into fruition as sites look to find ways to simply their designs by removing non-essential design elements.

The New Wave Company’s site mentioned in trend #3 above did this with opting for not having a large background image in its header.

Designers have practically eliminated many design decisions that most current websites have (i.e. background colors, lots of images, sophisticated layouts, etc.). Instead, the team opted for a clean and simple site design, and it stands out among the crowd of design-heavy, image-heavy, and color-heavy sites.

  1. Fix width centered site layout

Most websites over the last few years have used the “banding” or width: 100 percent design element so that things like images and sections visually stretch the full width of a browser’s viewport. Before this trend became popular, most sites were fix-width and centered in the page. You could tell where the site ended on either side.

That fix-width trend seems to be trying to come back in a more modern way. Instead of sites and their content sections going all the way to either side of the viewport, some sites are opting for a max-width to keep their content centered in the viewport.

It provides a nice focus for the site content and bucks the width: 100 percent trend with sophistication.


  1. Professional high quality custom photography

Stock imagery still has its place in design, but for most new websites these days, stock imagery has taken a back seat to professional photography of high quality and unique and custom to the site and purpose.

Using custom photography takes the design step a bit further than just picking stock imagery, and it makes you unique in that no one else will have those same pictures on their site.

Its about page is even more engrained (pun intended) with high quality and professional photography taken of themselves and the office space. No stock imagery of fake office spaces here!

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10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – I

website design tendencies

10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – I

website design tendencies

Year by year, Website design increases and for that reason quite a few amazing things are posted every day. I will simply imagine that the top is actually however to come in 2015.


At the same time as a lot of movements it’s still about in 2015 (and most likely 2016), it’s time and energy to notice just what brand-new movements may very well come out in 2015.


Whereas most people are exhibiting for the 12 months that has been as well as looking forward to all seasons which is to be, let’s take a look at several Website design movements many of us will probably notice when we turn your work schedule to be able to 2015. You will see them all during one site below.

1. Lengthier scrolling sites

Iphone 6That hasn’t gone not noticed that most brand-new website designs printed these days tend to be longer in total when scrolling with the webpage. Seeing that mobile phones be well-known, it’s getting additional commonplace regarding sites to help choose scrolling as an alternative to backlinking as a method to show off content, in particular on their home websites.


It can be simpler regarding customers to help merely scroll via a webpage to have their particular details compared to it is to help regularly simply click to get details.


Homepages aren’t the one place the place that the lengthy scrolling development might be identified. Even though lengthy scrolling sites are well-known for quite a while (hello, one-page websites), the main advantages of scrolling have got increased in addition to found on their own in other areas aside from the property webpage, like in relation to websites and in many cases item websites as a method to help elegantly show a multitude of content.


For example, Apple’s webpage for the new iphone 6 showcases the actual lengthy scrolling webpage development outside the homepage. It’s designed the primary new iphone 6 webpage to become lengthy scrolling website, presenting every one of the product’s requirements in addition to functions.


Moreover, the website extra a few advanced animation to produce the actual scrolling practical knowledge how it looks heedful.


2. Storytelling and interaction

While having amazing content is always crucial for your website, being able to tell a story through your content is a big plus. Web design in 2015 will likely focus around helping tell a story for users.


Interaction paired with animation used in website design – when tastefully done – can bring the wow factor to your site.


3. Absence of large header background images

The trend over the last few years have been large header background images, often with text on top, and it is the first thing most visitors see when they come to a site. So how can you stand out from the crowd that has embraced the large-header-background-image trend? By doing the opposite.


Some recent site designs have decided to buck this trend by keeping their large headers, but making them background-image free. My guess is that not only do they want to not follow a trend, but they are also looking at the performance and speed of their site (see trend #10 later in this article) as a reason to ditch the large images.


This is tastefully done and doesn’t fall in line with other trendy site designs using large background imagery.

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