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  • 10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – II

    10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – II


    1. Removing non-essential design elements in favor of simplicity

    There is an idea in design that a design is complete when all of the non-essential elements have been removed. In 2015, I believe we could be seeing more of this idea come into fruition as sites look to find ways to simply their designs by removing non-essential design elements.

    The New Wave Company’s site mentioned in trend #3 above did this with opting for not having a large background image in its header.

    Designers have practically eliminated many design decisions that most current websites have (i.e. background colors, lots of images, sophisticated layouts, etc.). Instead, the team opted for a clean and simple site design, and it stands out among the crowd of design-heavy, image-heavy, and color-heavy sites.

    1. Fix width centered site layout

    Most websites over the last few years have used the “banding” or width: 100 percent design element so that things like images and sections visually stretch the full width of a browser’s viewport. Before this trend became popular, most sites were fix-width and centered in the page. You could tell where the site ended on either side.

    That fix-width trend seems to be trying to come back in a more modern way. Instead of sites and their content sections going all the way to either side of the viewport, some sites are opting for a max-width to keep their content centered in the viewport.

    It provides a nice focus for the site content and bucks the width: 100 percent trend with sophistication.


    1. Professional high quality custom photography

    Stock imagery still has its place in design, but for most new websites these days, stock imagery has taken a back seat to professional photography of high quality and unique and custom to the site and purpose.

    Using custom photography takes the design step a bit further than just picking stock imagery, and it makes you unique in that no one else will have those same pictures on their site.

    Its about page is even more engrained (pun intended) with high quality and professional photography taken of themselves and the office space. No stock imagery of fake office spaces here!

    Keep Reading 10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – III will come soon.

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  • 10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – I

    website design tendencies

    10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – I

    website design tendencies

    Year by year, Website design increases and for that reason quite a few amazing things are posted every day. I will simply imagine that the top is actually however to come in 2015.


    At the same time as a lot of movements it’s still about in 2015 (and most likely 2016), it’s time and energy to notice just what brand-new movements may very well come out in 2015.


    Whereas most people are exhibiting for the 12 months that has been as well as looking forward to all seasons which is to be, let’s take a look at several Website design movements many of us will probably notice when we turn your work schedule to be able to 2015. You will see them all during one site below.

    1. Lengthier scrolling sites

    Iphone 6That hasn’t gone not noticed that most brand-new website designs printed these days tend to be longer in total when scrolling with the webpage. Seeing that mobile phones be well-known, it’s getting additional commonplace regarding sites to help choose scrolling as an alternative to backlinking as a method to show off content, in particular on their home websites.


    It can be simpler regarding customers to help merely scroll via a webpage to have their particular details compared to it is to help regularly simply click to get details.


    Homepages aren’t the one place the place that the lengthy scrolling development might be identified. Even though lengthy scrolling sites are well-known for quite a while (hello, one-page websites), the main advantages of scrolling have got increased in addition to found on their own in other areas aside from the property webpage, like in relation to websites and in many cases item websites as a method to help elegantly show a multitude of content.


    For example, Apple’s webpage for the new iphone 6 showcases the actual lengthy scrolling webpage development outside the homepage. It’s designed the primary new iphone 6 webpage to become lengthy scrolling website, presenting every one of the product’s requirements in addition to functions.


    Moreover, the website extra a few advanced animation to produce the actual scrolling practical knowledge how it looks heedful.


    2. Storytelling and interaction

    While having amazing content is always crucial for your website, being able to tell a story through your content is a big plus. Web design in 2015 will likely focus around helping tell a story for users.


    Interaction paired with animation used in website design – when tastefully done – can bring the wow factor to your site.


    3. Absence of large header background images

    The trend over the last few years have been large header background images, often with text on top, and it is the first thing most visitors see when they come to a site. So how can you stand out from the crowd that has embraced the large-header-background-image trend? By doing the opposite.


    Some recent site designs have decided to buck this trend by keeping their large headers, but making them background-image free. My guess is that not only do they want to not follow a trend, but they are also looking at the performance and speed of their site (see trend #10 later in this article) as a reason to ditch the large images.


    This is tastefully done and doesn’t fall in line with other trendy site designs using large background imagery.

    Keep Reading 10 Website design tendencies you will observe within 2015 – Part – II will come soon. 

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  • Web Development – Red Symbol Technologies

    Web Development Company in Jaipur – Here at Red Symbol Technologies we are creating, designing and developing modern and creative websites, company logos, paid campaigns and making effective presentations to promote your products to India, USA, Australia, or World-wide. We provide cost-effective and unique brand name of your business by attracting web design and industry, uniqueness with close consideration to user interface.

    Being a highly skilled in web development we can help you to get a very good return on your investment. Red Symbol Technologies can boost your business; sell with web development service processed with innovative professions and tactical thinking. We always focus to offer our clientele with perfect services and their particular business need at efficient prices.
    Our ambition is to provide a specific source for all your web development, and SEO needs as per your need.

    web development in Jaipur
    If you are conscious about your business lead, we can offer you at best deal. To make sure your business achievement, we use the latest design and development technology available on the web. Stay with all your web design & web development, and Search Engine Optimization requirement within one roof and search the specific difference.

    Begun with the intention to help clientele make Full utilize of digital technologies, Red Symbol Technologies offers a spread range of services include Ecommerce web development (on open source platforms like Magento, Joomla, Cakephp & Prestashop), commercial web designing & developing, blog design & development, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, Social Media Marketing, and email marketing. We have the best blend of technologies & developing and marketing proficiency. This compels us a uniqueness agency brand that can take care of making online presence on the web as well as planning & digital marketing plan. We insist on working deeply with the clientele to bring out success on the internet.

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  • Joomla web Development Company in India

    Red Symbol Technologies is one of the well-known Joomla web Development Company in India around the world-wide. Being a best Joomla Development Company in India we are offering various Joomla web services to the clientele throughout. Still, we have offered many of our clients and have become one of the popular Joomla Web Developments Company in India. We are providing cutting-edge web Developing Application developers to the customers using Joomla of PHP. We have Professional Joomla developer in India who has more than 9 years of good experience. Our dedicated Joomla Developers in India have worked more than 1400+ webs of various categories using Joomla. Thus we have worked too many of our clientele with positive satisfaction, you can check in written and videos testimonials of our happy clients , who have taken our web services, they have considerd us being the biggest and most trust company for Joomla web development in India. Hence you should also take our web services. Are you browsing Web development Joomla Solutions? We at Red Symbol Technologies shall be provide Joomla based web needs with in your budget.

    hire dedicated joomla web development company

    Joomla has considered as one of the powerful open source content management system. Our Joomla web developers can easily make complex websites or web. You can hire our dedicated Joomla Developers to get the web acquired. Our company works with most trusted and skilled teams. Our web development center has a lot of clientele globally.

    why us?

    Experienced Joomla web designers and developers can assist you to reduce ready budget, boost online sales and the power the technologies. We give assurance that your Joomla based web development projects will be executed in well-track with dedicated Joomla developers. Our Joomla developers have been able to assist from small business owners to large business deploy complete technology and guidance to allow their industry success. We assure you to take your website to an entire new stage with us.

    Joomla features include

    Creating your own dynamically created content menus.
    Uploading MS Word, MS Excel and PDF documents .
    Organization header, footer or side Banners.
    Organization multimedia Flash, .jpg, gif, bmp and .png images.
    Organization of News Feeds.
    Organization of special access levels.
    Managing third party modules.
    Managing web on search engine.
    Creating RSS (really simple syndication).
    Creating a search engine friendly URL’s.

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  • We Are Leading SEO Company In Jaipur

    When you are planning to accomplish more noteworthy perceivability on the web, insignificant site development will benefit no. You need to go one stage ahead from advancement to site design, development and empower your site to rank among the main ten consequences of the web indexes. Nonetheless, upgrading a site is not as simple as it gives off an impression of being. It obliges a considerable measure of abilities and inventiveness to do SEO, so the most ideal route is to take the support of an expert SEO master. Furthermore here comes the part of an SEO company in Jaipur.

    In the event that you want to enhance your site’s rankings on the significant web indexes like Google, Bing and Yahoo, there are different reasons why ought to depend on an expert Indian SEO company in Jaipur.

    seo company in jaipur

    Firstly, the Jaipur based company that gives SEO services are constantly a mode with the most recent changes in the web search tools’ positioning examples. Significant web crawlers every now and again refine their calculations to guarantee that just the superb and applicable substance positions high on the motor and the low quality ones move back. Presently, an SEO company in Jaipur is constantly mindful of the most recent algorithmic changes and improves its customers’ site in like manner to enhance the rankings.

    Furthermore, an accomplished, perceived and genuine SEO company in Jaipur consistently leans towards White Hat SEO over the Black Hat. The experts realize that it is just through the White Hat SEO that they can provide for you a reliable result. In spite of the fact that with the Black Hat SEO, you may immediately see an uncommon change in your rankings yet once the calculation changes, all your endeavors go pointless. Besides, if the site does not offer quality substance or draws in unimportant back links, it might likewise prompt punishments. Be that as it may, the SEO specialists in Jaipur dependably guarantee that you don’t need to experience such a stage and get to appreciate a decent positioning through a natural methodology.

    A SEO organization in Jaipur likewise knows how to plan an SEO that helpful for your online business. They do a far reaching research on the visitors on your site and appropriately plan a system with the goal that the site gets to be all the more effective open to your potential clients.
    Toward the end of the day, the group realizes that your definitive target is changing so they streamline your site in the most natural way so that once you rank on the highest point of the SERP, you figure out how to stay there dependably and appreciate better perceivability, more activity and an expanded transformation rate.

    For brilliant SEO benefits in Jaipur, you can likewise enlist the expert web development company in Jaipur who normally have a different SEO office. Such organizations are perfect choices as they provide for you simple access to a wide mixture of solutions like custom web development, web application development, versatile web application development, custom web programming development and digital marketing that incorporates substance advertising, online networking promoting and website reform services.

    Above all, the IT benefits in Jaipur are accessible at extremely moderate costs looking at that in India, US and Australia and this have dependably been an extraordinary interest driver for outsourcing in Jaipur.

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  • Perfect Indian Web Portal Development Company in Jaipur

    Indian Professional web development company in Jaipur

    The internet is totally loaded with information additionally there are various approaches to recover it. The web is consistently separate for launch a general site with its ease of use, it’s a sort of site that will capacities as a direct get to the data going on the Web. Every website Portal has its own character to present data from different sources in a consolidated manner. Entries enrich with an approach to offer a dependable look and feel with permission control and occasions for various applications, or else would have been a different element in general. Being a Web a leading web development company in Jaipur will give to you an inconvenience free, clientele adaptable aside natural web to contact data that is about demanding centrality to the clientele.

    Indian Red Symbol Technologies offers its aptitude to assist small scale to large scale size companies in developing and adding to the intelligent, present day and bright entrance as indicated by their adjusted basis and crucial relations that makes their customer interchanges more productive and thusly raises firm’s incomes.

    Our Jaipur based Web Development comprise of:-

    • Bespoke application development intended for a web at this point set up.

    • Pioneering web development incorporates a extremely large, instinctive arrangement with a more progressive ability stage.

    • Incorporate outsider application development for instance open source intuitive module etc.

    • B2B access planning with the plan to offer massive website developments, for instance e-business application by method for shopping truck and e-Marketplace adjusting as an industry focus.

    • B2c way in arrangements in the interest of a firm to touch base at its point customer base. Make accessible alone purpose of reaching the clients to effectively hypnotize in far reaching scope of supportive data, practically.

    Indian Web Development in Jaipur that we have Productive executed in the present is:

    • Web Directory Design & Development.

    • Active News System.

    • Job Web Portal Development.

    • Matrimonial Web Portal development.

    • B2B Portal Web Portal Development.

    • Enterprise Web Portal Development.

    • Travel Web Portal Development.

    Red Symbol Technologies Pvt. Ltd. conveys creative Web based Portal development organization and answers for distinctive business parts. Being a web development organization in Jaipur our Web designing and developments comprise of Animation website, web Portals and additionally corporate symbol marking. Red Symbol outlines productive, reasonable Jaipur based website development and Portals with the intend to adjust our client’s industry goals and insurance for an enhanced connect. We offer tradition, creation that blocks to do as an intelligent middle of the road and attach vitality to our client’s commitments. To encourage, as well as we excessively offer web that are alluring as well as give the effective message stage, offering the perfect steadiness of data, usefulness and style. We admire the customer’s business targets and longings of their point customers to approach with best-in-class web outline benefits alongside complete arrangements. We are one of the best web development firm in India.

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  • Effective Indian Web Design Company in Jaipur

    best web designing company in Jaipur

    Excellence is just shallow. Great web design or web outline is focused around exhaustive research and yields substantial results. From responsive web designing that pleasures your users to advanced promoting fights that drive movement to your site.

    Red Symbol Technologies, India based affordable web design company in Jaipur specialised in best prices web designing Jaipur, and ecommerce web design Jaipur.

    Responsive Web Design – The versatile upset is here. More than half of the UK possesses a cell phone and deals through versatile are soaring day by day. Get versatile prepared with responsive configuration for ease and Android telephones, tablets and numerous more gadgets to open up your online world to however many new clients as could be allowed.

    Intuitive Web Design – Emerge from the swarm. Show guests what you are made of with captivating intuitive configuration. It’s a huge world out there and consideration snatching intuitive web designing is an incredible approach to show what’s unique about what you do. Our intelligent designs are produced to offer visual claim, ROI, ease of use and magnificent usefulness as well.

    Client Experience – Expand changes and support clientele engagement with a UX focussed web design. We utilize a brilliant mix of business sector investigation, persona creation, clientele testing, user flows and far reaching exploration to make your site as easy to use as would be prudent. Wave farewell to your high ricochet rate.

    Marking – Who are you? In case you’re not certain, now is the right time to begin considering your company brand image. In the online networking age no business is faceless. We help firms to assemble their brand name, identity both online and disconnected from the internet, dealing with each point of interest from key brand messages and social networking engagement to business cards and text dimensions.

    Publish – There’s a whole other world to life than the web. We make consideration snatching print material that turns potential clients on, actually when the Wi-Fi is off. Our innovative India based web designers in Jaipur will help you to deliver business cards, leaflets, magazines and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, on the grounds that we handle web marking as well, your print materials and online configuration will cooperate flawlessly.

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  • Best Search Egine Optimization (SEO) Services In India

    seo company in India

    Here Red Symbol Technologies, Our dedicated Indian SEO Company are extremely conscious about YOUR return! – Call us- If you want Top Rankings in the best search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, ask and it.with best price then you want us!

      We offer:
    • SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) in India.
    • SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing) in India.
    • Internet Marketing Services in India.
    • Digital Marketing Services in India.

    Here See a our SEO Services in India here.

    We are a secretly held division of the Internet Marketing company in India; That! Organization. We have some expertise in consolidating Traditional and Digital Marketing India. With years of involvement in Traditional Online Marketing India, web development, website design India, pay per click(PPC) promoting India, social media advertising and web crawler showcasing, we have the learning to help you attain to your objectives.

    Our group of very talented SEO Specialists in India concentrates on various businesses. As of now our group is taking a shot at various in-house ventures and in addition work for hundreds customers. Figure out How SEO Works and about SEO Ranking Factors, and also about our SEO crusade administration forms.

    We are the main choice for Fortune organizations looking for Search Engine Optimization India. We serve Clients in the India, United States, UK, Europe and Australia. Notwithstanding your size or your area in the event that you are keen on turning into a customer, please round out the data appeal structure to the privilege and we will get in touch with you to talk about your SEO Project.

    We stick to an abnormal state of morals, as an expert SEO association, we don’t participate in any strategies which are dishonest, viewed as dark cap or even light black. In the event that you are searching for an SEO supplier to perform these sorts of strategies you will need to look somewhere else.

    Our rationality is one of creating locales with a profitable core which empower regular connecting and development. We embrace an all encompassing methodology which dissects and makes proposals for a site as far as its hunt agreeableness. The majority of our ventures begin with a thorough Keyword, Competition, Web Analysis, and Business discussion.

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  • 3 things your web design is straightforwardly crash your business

    web design company in india

    Your web design is an extremely significant illustration of your business. When people visit your web their experience is incorporated, both deliberately and sub deliberately, as being highly analytic of your business as an entire, and they will build decisions on whether to connect with your trade solely based on that practice alone.
    Your site is quite often the primary spot somebody will go to present and get used to themselves with your business and its items or organizations. So you have to approach your site summarize in the same way you would an initial gathering with a conceivably high esteem clients – you’ve got to look great, impart well and be exceptionally sorted out. The site’s visual presentation, substance and client experience are the three principal routes through which your prospects will structure an early introduction of your business.

    Illustration Presentation
    In the event that the visual and sophisticated configuration of your site looks dated the user has no alternative yet to extend that impression onto your business itself and its items.
    Your web plan needs to be proficient, present day, clean and discerningly satisfying. At the point when something looks great individuals feel certain and consoled, and they commonly feel like they need be a part of what they’re encountering. At the point when tending to the configuration of your site, verify you work with an accomplished and capable web planner and be mindful that web outline patterns change rapidly, be arranged to overhaul the look of your site like clockwork.

    Customer Understanding
    On the off chance that your site is outlined in such a path, to the point that it’s difficult to explore, hard to discover data and it stacks gradually your visitors will instinctively accept that managing your business will be disappointing and troublesome.
    The site route needs to be clear, sensible and instinctive. Data ought to be not difficult to discover and effortlessly caught on. In a perfect world you are planning to present the visitor with the data they require before they even know they require it. The site must load quickly and so well on every program and any gadget. With such an enormous, and becoming, number of web clients utilizing cell phones your site totally must be versatile inviting.

    Happy Content
    On the off chance that your site substance is dubious, verbose and unhelpful you won’t interface with your guests and they will see your business as one that does not generally comprehend their needs.
    Your substance needs to be compact, to the point and conveyed in effortlessly edible sums. An incredible beginning stage is a deliberately created 200 statement business pitch which is regularly ideal for your landing page. aside the data about your business and administrations your site needs to be rich in important substance that is centered around satisfying the characteristic needs of your target showcase well beyond the advancement you could call your own business. You have to give supportive data that scares you as a believable asset and trusted pioneer in your industry.
    The effect that a site outline has on a business is a ton more critical than the lion’s share of entrepreneurs figure it out. It’s fundamental to realize what the most vital components of a site are, or to work with an accomplished site planner that does. This article, The 8 Essentials of Successful Web Design, is an extraordinary reference record. The incredible news is that on the off chance that you get the rudiments right your site can work as an exceptionally successful, proficient and persuasive specialized device that, all alone, can hoist you over your rival and venture your business as an industry pioneer.

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  • Best PHP Training in Jaipur – Red Symbol Technologies

    php training institute in Jaipur

    At Red symbol Technologies we are a one of the well-known PHP company in Jaipur, offering a full training course on PHP as PHP Training in Jaipur , Summer Training in Jaipur or PHP Internship in Jaipur.

    PHP is specialized script programming language made for web development involving multifaceted functionalities for dynamic website applications like online forum discussion, online business portals, e-commerce website, etc., As PHP is an open source programming language, it is very powerful than other web development technologies including ASP and Java. The MYSQL is a database used with PHP– which is also an open source which is an added advantage. PHP’s simple programming style, allows every with basic programming skill to learn and move to endless opportunity available with CMS tools like  Joomla, WordPress and frameworks like CakePHP, Magento and etc.

    At Red Symbol Technologies, we have well adventured trainers from various multinational companies who will guide and provide you a 100% quality assurance training on PHP as well as possible.

    PHP Syllabus:

    • Full PHP Design and Development.
    • Fully Control web Structure.
    • Fully function.
    • Static & Dynamic Array.
    • Live Working with file structure.
    • Working with forms discussion.
    • Working with regular phrase.
    • Modules and Objects.
    • Preface to database.
    • Database logics.
    • Knowledge of Session & Cookies.
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